If your answer is “pretty damn serious”, then prove it. It takes leaders to get this conversation going – not apathetic do nothing followers – most who won’t even do that.

The USA is in a Crisis with the most corrupt in every corner of the government. If you think Obama Screwed up the Country – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Window of Opportunity for Texas to save itself is almost close shut forever, and Texas will have to go down with the ship Captained by the Deep State. 

If you are dead serious about Texas,

A. Join the forum

  • There are no hidden agendas. 
  • There is no data mining. 
  • There are no Privacy concerns. 
  • The is not any monetization goals
  • The only motive is to put serious Texan doers to have a place to discuss all things concerning saving Texas

B. Be active in the forum

  • Visit frequently
  • Participate in the discussions
  • Create new valid discussions
  • The move active we get, the bigger we grow. The bigger we grow, the more people start to get motivated with doing something to effect Peaceful change

C. Tell your Texan friends and invite them to join us.

Did I mention the the USA is in serious Trouble? 
Do you think that there will ever be a fair election again?
Are you pissed yet at having a corrupt and virtually brain dead Loser in the White House who has never held a job in his life?
Are you pissed yet that he won’t last a year and a cackling whore Socialist will take his place?
Are you pissed yet that an 80+ year old evil woman is Californicating the country?
Are you pissed yet and a Fraudulent election in Georgia has a Damn Yankee who has never held a job running the Senate?
Do you want Puerto Rico and DC made states, with 2 Commie Senators a Rattle?
Do you like Big Tech knowing they can take over the government with money and tactics?
Did you know that Fasciastbook and it’s entities directly and indirectly donated $400 Million to the Biden campaign?
Have you read about the number of fakebook’s Executives who now have gigs in the White House and Cabinet Positions?

Look I can go on for days, but you either get it and will do Something about it – or you don’t. I built this forum for those who get it, to come and figure out a strategy to organize and do something. These forums are public – but in time there will be a Private forum where trusted members can speak in confidence and private.

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

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