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Theoretical knowledge
This direction considers the typology and recurrence of various historical events. Also, certain phenomena, processes and structure are considered here. All this is also reflected by empirical facts, in the course of which the student will have to apply his theoretical abilities.
The main task of this method is a clear formulation of the theory, namely, comparison and consideration of the laws of historical development. This method should not be confused with those considered by other disciplines. For example, political science can describe the laws of the functioning of state institutions, while history considers the regularity of their functioning. Economics will at the same time study precisely the economic side of the development of these systems, while history will examine the historical development of economic systems.
Quite often, students use an ideological construction instead of a theory. But if this fact is attributed to historical science as a whole, then it will be considered completely superfluous and unnecessary. The ideological side of the issue will not convey the main idea that may be required from the term paper. This is important to remember when a student is preparing for a graduation project. All this knowledge is formed during the writing of term papers.
All historical facts are socially grounded. What do we mean here. All historical knowledge and facts are the result of human consciousness. At the same time, the functions paper writing help of history are determined by individual tasks, methods, and results. If we consider separately the functions of historical knowledge, we can distinguish:
  • the need to build social self-awareness;
  • full satisfaction from the fact of social education;
  • the need to apply the methods of political science as a science, and as a process as a whole;
  • the need to describe by certain facts the possibility of committing them in the future.
The methods of historical understanding, which in any case are used in every scientific historical work, are also used by philosophers. As a methodology, here is understood the doctrine of a system of established and formed principles and methods of organizing and building a theoretical and practical basis for work. Therefore, in a written work, the student must describe the object and subject of historical research. It is also important to set a clear goal for the work and work on setting goals and problems. As sources, it is important to take only verified information, which is confirmed by facts.
So, we found out that modern historians must have a clear idea of what method they will use in their research. As you know, there are three directions, but this does not limit the scope of their own theories and evidence. It is also worth noting that it is not enough to just be a good historian and skillfully work with sources. Since history itself interacts with many sciences, primarily with political science, philosophy and economics, a student historian at MBA should pay attention not only to historical science itself, but also to its constituent and auxiliary sciences.
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