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Benefits of Nan's baby milk and its types
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Learn about حليب نان, which is always the best choice for mothers in early childhood for their children, when the mother cannot breastfeed her child naturally;

Nan's milk
Nan milk is one of the most important artificial types of milk, which is used to breastfeed newborns, and is available in several types of each type with specific characteristics.

Nan's Milk for Newborns
"حليب نان 1" for newborns is used to feed newborns from birth to six months, as it should be used when breastfeeding is deficient because of the necessary nutrients:

Amino acids are equivalent to those contained in natural breast milk, and also include an important probiotic to feed children, and fortified iron.

Nan's makers have also taken care of the packaging method to ensure the highest quality and safety for your child's health, providing balanced nutrition to the child, as well as the most important nutrients it contains.

The weight of milk after packaging is 1 kg.

Nan Comfort Milk 2
It is used for newborns from the sixth month to the 12th month, which helps solve all digestive problems in the child, such as flatulence, contractions, gases, and constipation.

The weight of milk after packaging is about 1 kg.

Lactose sugar.
Cows' milk is skimmed.
Milk protein extracted.
Coconut oil.
L- Hesteden.
Olin palm.
L- Carnitine.
Sunflower oil.
Rapeseed oil
Soy lysethine emulsion.
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