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Buy Bengal Cat Jungle Beauty Bengals
Here are five things you Should Consider Before Purchasing A Bengal Cat
The Bengal cat can easily be considered to be one of the most distinctive feline breeds available. According to The International Cat Association, which is the largest cat genetic registry around the globe, the Bengal cat has been deemed the most loved feline breed for the third consecutive year. It is because they are a cross between Asian Leopard cats and domestic cats. They are popular by their stunning appearance. Bengal cats are quite different to other cats. If you are considering purchasing a Bengal cat for your pet, be aware of the following facts. Although the Bengal cat is a relatively new breed, it is still popular. It isn't widely used in the United States however, many are fascinated by its traits and breeding. Contrary to what they say however, the Bengal cat isn't a tiger. The Bengal cat isn't a miniature leopard or any other type of leopard. It's a domestic cat. A "Pet" Bengal can be purchased for anything from $100 to 2000. This is for a premium kitten from a respected breeder. There are kittens that cost less. You pay for what you get for. There's a wide range of prices available to kittens and breeders. Breeder kittens are more expensive and typically, the price is determined by color and markings. Most people prefer the rosettes or more elaborate markings. Breeding Bengal kittens can be challenging, stressful, expensive, but it's also rewarding. Breeding Bengal kittens requires real passion or love. You don't get a day off. Animals are demanding and require continuous attention. They rely on you for their daily meals as well as water and attention. A good breeder will not let their kittens go before they reach the age of thirteen weeks. The kittens must have been neutered, vaccinated, tested for FIV, and checked by an experienced vet. If you decide to purchase kittens, it is recommended to have a contract signed and a warranty about your health. Here are a few of the most important information. Have a look at the top Bengal Breeders for info.

[Image: how+to+care+for+your+Bengal+cat+_+Bengal...collar.jpg]

Tip 1- Pelt-like Coats
The Bengal's fur is smooth and soft. It has a beautiful shine that's captured by the sun when these elegant cats are lying down or walking. Their coats sparkle and when their markings are the most striking. Their pelt-like, lustrous coat is not in need of any grooming. Bengals care for their fur by grooming themselves less often and having shorter periods. It is much easier to develop allergies to cats as there's less dried saliva on their coasts.

Tip 2- Coat Colors
No matter the design or color regardless of the pattern or color, the Bengal cat is known for its wonderful outgoing personality. They are fearless and enjoy playing! Bengals are a wonderful pet for children thanks to their curiosity. Additionally, they can easily be accommodated in homes with already pets. The Bengal breed is known for its vibrant color. There isn't a single Bengal. The classic brown Bengals have gold or green eyes. They do not be seen with blue eyes. Snow, Sepia. Silver. Marble. Blue. Black. Melanistic. Other colors include blue, charcoal and many different variations.

[Image: fotolia_82719975-768x582.jpg]

Tip 3- Bengals Tend To Be Fairly High Maintenance
Bengals tend to tend to be very demanding and high-maintenance cats. These cats are very close to their family members and will often demand a lot of attention. However, it is not for everyone and could cause owners to be mad. If you're not able to dedicate to the care of a Bengal each day, it may not be the perfect cat for you. Bengals may feel more like owning dogs than cats. They are very energetic and can be found in your home.

Tip 4- They Can Be Noisy
Be aware of the fact that Bengal cats are very loud and disruptive. They can be very loud and vocal. You can take the noise of these cats with no hesitation if you are willing to listen.

Tip 5- They Are Very Energetic
The Bengal is very athletic cat breed, which is active and lively. Though they're capable of sleeping for as long or more than the average cat breed, they will often be awake at night and demanding to be fed.

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