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Full Version: Moderator is needed for this forum
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I need to have a little help with this and other forums. 

Moderation Duties include:
  • Visiting at least daily to check forum
  • Deleting any spam, and banning or warning member based on the intentions for being in the site
  • Deleting any personal attacks on another and warning or banning the offender based in the severity and frequency
  • Helping to promote the forum
Before anyone jumps in and screams "me. me, me!", I'll need to watch the postings for a month or so to get a feel for how dedicated, helpful and friendly those posting in the forum are. Each forum will need at least one moderator, and some moderators may be asked if they can handle more than one forum. In time, I'll need at least one to move up to administrator - as I'm a drag racer on a National racingbcircuit from March to October - and at times out of pocket traveling.
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